Molded Pulp

About Molded Pulp

Molded Pulp roll cradles, as the name implies, are protective packaging products that virtually cradles your rolled or cylindrical product, which could be as thin and fragile as paper, fabric, film or foil to steel roll-up garage doors.

Molded pulp cradles are produced from 100% post consumer recycled waste, compostable and completely biodegradable which contain no hazardous substances.

They have tremendous shock absorption characteristics, deflecting and dissipating shock which offers superior protection. They dampen vibration many times better than rigid EPS foam. They are conformable, interlocking paper fibers form very strong yet ‘conformable’ bonds, allowing intimate conformability between roll and cradles surfaces. This enhances weight distribution and more evenly supports product reducing marring, imprinting, or tarnishing of the roll product surface. Pulp cradles are unaffected by extreme temperature ranges.

Molded Pulp Packaging uses a unique two mold manufacturing process. This compresses our product which provides a more uniform and precisely engineered cross section and results in a maximum of weight & thickness to strength ratio, exceeding that of our competition. The finished surface of the cradle saddle is also smoother. The wide smooth “saddle” sections on a MPP cradle maximizes the load distribution to make the cradle perform better structurally, and to minimize any damage – imprinting, denting, or marring of your product. Additionally, the MPP design provides extraordinarily greater nesting capability, which reduces floor space required to store the cradles. More importantly, it minimizes the cost of ‘in-freight’ for the cradles by getting far more on a pallet or a truck than our competition.