Design and Test Center

Our ISTA Certified lab and design center allows the company to simulate the rigors of shipping and handling, ensuring that all products meet applicable transport packaging standards. Our design solutions, utilizing our extensive protective packaging product line, reduce the extraordinary costs associated with transportation damages and returns for our customers.

ISTA Certified - (drop tester, compression tester, vibration table, scale and incline tester)
Rule 180/181 Certified
JC Penney Certified

TAPPI - Technical Association Pulp Paper Industry
AAR - Association of American Railroads
IOPP - Institute of Packaging Professionals
FPTC - Furniture Packaging Technical Committee
ISTA - International Safe Transit Association
NMFA - National Motor Freight Association
AFMA - American Furniture Manufacturing Association
BIFMA - Business & Institutional Furniture Mfg. Association